Thank you from all of us for the therapy session that you did with us yesterday. We all felt some relief right away. You are very kind to be down here helping us. I know that my work was easier all day and lately I have found it to be one huge task after another.

Jordan, you and your co-worker have such a lovely healing touch that made us all feel comfortable and safe right away.

If your teams could return, several of us would love to be treated again and others have now expressed an interest. So, at the risk of seeming greedy, we would love it if you could return to see us.

Again, from all of us, thank you very much for what you did for us and what you are doing for our community.


Erin E. Brewer, M.D., M.P.H.

Director, Center for Community Health, Medical Director, Office of Public Health, Assistant State Health Officer, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals