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SEPTEMBER 28, 2005

Dear Friends:

The Water Element seems to be at work regarding acupuncture for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Things change constantly…flowing one way, then in a completely different direction. We think we are very close to solidifying something, then a burst of torrential activity and we are pointed elsewhere.

At any rate, after many long hours and days and weeks working on channels through which we can offer community acupuncture to people suffering the devastation of the hurricanes, we do have a plan that looks solid (I say this with the caveat that it seems anything can change on a moment’s notice due to conditions outside our influence – such as the terrible setback from Hurricane Rita, or the Indian reservation that was about to work with us, when all of a sudden all the evacuees were moved elsewhere).

We have been offered an invitation from an acupuncturist in Louisiana who has been hard at work on the relief effort, and is very happy to hear about our program and the many acupuncture volunteers who want to help. We will be able to base our initial operations in Lafayette, Louisiana, and we expect to work from there in the surrounding areas and in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Our plan is to start rotating teams of acupuncturists the week of October 10, and ongoing after that. Several volunteers have been hard at work calling everyone who offered to help. If you haven’t received a call yet you will sometime within the next few weeks.

We will have licensed acupuncturists treating people. People with ADS certification, unfortunately, will not be able to treat with needles on this project, but may be able to do so on other projects. ADS practitioners and others, such as students, are welcome to join our effort in other capacities. Licensed acupuncturists may apply through our website. ADS practitioners and massage therapists may also apply through our website, and those applications will be forwarded to Laura Cooley at Elk Mountain. Others who would like to help, such as students, are welcome to join our effort in other capacities. Licensed acupuncturists do not need NADA certification to work on our teams, although we will be doing the NADA ear treatment protocol.

If you are licensed in Texas and interested in working there, let us know and we will send you names of others in Texas with whom you may be able to hook up.

We are still very much in need of funds, supplies, frequent flyer miles and the like. Please check our website at to donate or, if you are a healthcare practitioner, go to Mayway’s website at where your money will be doubled by Mayway’s matching donation to AWB. You will need to register on their website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has various recommendations for vaccinations depending on the conditions. We do not yet know exactly what conditions under which we will be working. Please check this link to the CDC web page on vaccinations:

Within a few days we expect to have our new revamped website up and running with great thanks to our volunteer John MacDonald, and to web designer Brent Wrinkle at Mayway who has donated his time to do this. Our application form is found at the top of website, above. We need everyone who wants to volunteer to fill out an application and fax it to the number indicated. Soon we will be set up to receive applications online, but not yet.

After we are working on the ground in Louisiana we will have a press release available on our website that you can personalize and send to your local paper. This is a great way to try to raise funds for your expenses, as well as for the organization.

Check our website regularly. If you have pieces you’d like us to post send them to the email address on the website and we’ll take a look. We are particularly interested in any projects related to the relief efforts around the country.

Thank you for all your commitment and wonderful energy that is coming this way. We need all of your help to make this work successfully and for the long term.


Diana Fried, Director
Acupuncturists Without Borders

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