Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, L.Ac.

Ravyn is a healer of body, mind and spirit, an inventive author and international educator. She practices acupuncture and herbal medicine in Portland, Oregon with a focus on helping people survive cancer, chronic pain and traumatic experiences. She uses her background in the realms of Taoist, Chinese and other traditional medicines, Jungian psychology, environmental activism, social justice, earth based spirituality, creative writing and theatre arts to coax more of the extraordinary into the world.

In Ravyn’s practice she helps relieve your acute or long time pain patterns, and specializes in trauma and stress disorders including anxiety, insomnia and depression. She uses a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Elements Acupuncture and a Japanese style of acupuncture, mixing herbs, counseling and body work to facilitate transformation on a holistic level.

Ravyn facilitates workshops and intensives all over the globe that blend healing techniques, creative expression, activism, musical improvisation, conflict resolution and leadership skills. She designs face to face and distance apprenticeship programs for emerging leaders and healers in various communities throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Ravyn also works with Acupuncturists Without Borders to build cross cultural healing exchange programs in Nepal. and