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A Report From the Field: 

Haiti, March 2013    

Ear Acupuncture, Mother and Child, Haiti
Ear acupuncture is helping to support the natural resilience of the people, and assisting them in regaining their equilibrium, hope, energy, and ability to rebuild. To date over 20,000 ear acupuncture treatments have been given in Haiti


AWB Haiti Trip Update -
"It has been a fascinating trip with a lot of inspiration and also great challenges. Haiti is a hard place in so many ways and also the people are incredibly, strong, rebellious, kind - and live amidst sooooooo much desperate financial poverty. Acupuncture is a big hit because the Haitians are very receptive to alternatives and natural medicine is comfortable for them. This is a culture open to things that are outside the box.
Haiti Car Pile 2013
Destruction remaining from the 2010 earthquake
Haiti Free Clinic 2013
Approximately 75 people a week receive ear acupuncture in this free clinic in Leogane, which was the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake
Haiti Tent City 2013
Many people still live in tent cities
The AWB affiliated clinics, run by our trainees, are amazing. Yesterday, we visited a rural treatment center operated by Partners in Health about 3 hours from Port-au-Prince. It runs once/month as a mobile clinic, in a little wooden church on a hill. They do medical assessments and treatment for patients ranging from a five month-old baby, to the very elderly, and sharing a variety of complaints. There is a tremendous amount of hypertension, lack of appetite, anxiety, 
and sleeping difficulties.  Mental
 illness, depression, and Parkinson's are also common ailments treated.  
We interviewed the practitioners, AWB trainees from our 2011 training, and they told remarkable stories of the benefits they've seen using this protocol.  

Haitian trainees are urgently asking for support - for supplies and for the project in general. Please consider what you can give.

Leogane Clinic
Clinic in Leogane


Partners in Health clinic-Haiti 2013
Partners in Health clinic
Another clinic we visited today, Kay Lasante (House of Health), is a small community health clinic, housed under a tent plus a cramped office in a neighborhood with little access to health services. Some people travel to the clinic  for 4-5 hours each way - in many cases because they want acupuncture. One woman told us she hadn't been able to move her arm for a very long time - but after a number of NADA protocol treatments she now has full mobility. We heard many miracle stories about the benefits of ear acupuncture treatment.
Tent Clinic, Haiti2013
Tent clinic
Inside Tent Clinic, Haiti 2013
Inside tent clinic
The trainees are so jazzed about the potential for this work, how it has healed them, and what they can do for the people of Haiti.  At the training when we taught qigong the room went wild with enthusiasm for this energy medicine. They were the most dynamic qigong practitioners I've ever seen. 
Training day


Today we also made more progress on our plans to get accreditation and validation from the Ministry of Health for our work here and for acupuncture in general.


AWB Training of Health Care Workers in Haiti
AWB training in Haiti







Father Eddie & Louissaint
 Louissaint Alcide - AWB Haiti Clinic Director (right)with AWB trainee Father Eddy from Partners in Health 


AWB team with Director of the Ministry of Health


There are still countless signs from the earthquake devastation - massive tent camps with displaced people, and trauma and grief still prominent for many. There is also a great deal of rebuilding, efforts to find Haitian solutions, and hope."


- Diana Fried, Executive Director
   Writing from Haiti 
Haiti Graduation
Training graduates with AWB trainers Louissaint Alcide (kneeling), Randi Savage, Melanie Rubin (left) & Diana Fried (right)
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Haitian trainees are urgently asking for additional support - 
for supplies, to train more practitioners, to get government recognition for this work, and for the project in general. 

Please consider what you can give.


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