Acupuncturists Without Borders -  Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
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I am a supervisor at Warehouse 5, Reserve LA working with the Red Cross. I was under quite a bit of stress a few months ago and have chronic neck pain and heard about the acupuncture that was offered through FEMA at tent city, outside NOLA. I went, as many, a skeptic, but after 20 minutes, was completely convinced. I havent felt so good in years. I returned to the warehouse to comments that I was less stressed and more pleasant- qualities which helped me as a supervisor and made the flow of the warehouse far better. My only complaint is that I now have the symptoms returning and I havent the money to pay for the services! To whom it may concern, the acupuncture I received was amazing and went far beyond a pleasant experience; I believe it was a necessity. Thanks for your time.

PS- Please send me info if you all return to the area.

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