Medicine of PEace

Do you ever watch the news and wonder:


“Is there anything I could do that would promote peace in this world, instead of more pain?”

There is.

Every $10 we receive allows us to provide a treatment for someone, somewhere, who truly needs it. $10 can change a life forever!

Acupuncturists Without Borders’ treatments help the survivors of human-made and natural disasters recover – and sleep, eat and think – so they can begin to put their lives back together. Without this type of intervention, when traumatic events happen, the people impacted can become stuck in an imbalanced state, physiologically, known as “fight or flight.” This can lead to post-traumatic stress, PTS. When people have PTS, they are more likely to be angry or even violent and to perpetuate trauma in their families and communities.

AWB’s treatments create a ripple of peace, instead of violence and chaos, spreading throughout in the world.

To read about AWB’s work with veterans all over the United States, click HERE.

To read about AWB’s work with disasters in the United States, click HERE.

To read about AWB’s work internationally, click HERE, and for specific information on the refugee effort in Greece, visit THIS page.

Veterans being treated at AWB-affiliated clinic in Portland, Maine

AWB volunteer Amy Schroeder treating refugees in Greece.

Brief documentary about an AWB U.S. disaster relief effort on the big island of Hawaii.

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AWB Ambassadors of the Medicine of Peace are helping to get the word out about ear acupuncture for trauma, and this campaign to support AWB. Want more information about becoming an Ambassador for the Medicine of Peace in the summer of 2017?

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Thank you for caring and wanting to extend a ripple of peace (instead of trauma!) across the world.

Afghan children at the Oinofyta refugee camp, Greece – August 2016