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AWB Newsletter June 11, 2010
Acupuncturists Without Borders
AWB Haiti Project - Very Recent News!       June 11, 2010
This is an update to the eblast we sent yesterday to announce today's exciting developments.

New Corporate Support for AWB's Haiti Project:

After meetings yesterday, three organizations are paving the way for
Acupuncturists Without Borders to raise the funds needed to train Haitian health care practitioners in the clinical protocols AWB uses in disaster recovery situations. Their combined contributions will provide more than half of the $20,000 and supplies needed to fund this training.

Can you help us raise the other half?

Click here to donate to AWB's Haiti Disaster Recovery Project,
which provides applications for sales and 
Salesforce Logo
customer service, including customer relationship
management for non-profits, is contributing $5,000.


Beginning in July, for every dollar you donate to AWB throughMayway Logo
their web site, Mayway Chinese Herbs will match your
donation up to a total of $5,000.

Lhasa OMS
is launching a needle
donation drive to help fund Lhasa OMS Logo
the 1 million needles that will be
required to train Haitian
practitioners and supply them with
needles for one year.

Stay tuned for more details in the next month about the fundraising drives from Mayway and Lhasa OMS
and meanwhile, please help us support this work NOW.

AWB Haiti Disaster Recovery Project in the News:

Read these recent stories about volunteer experiences in Haiti -

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Mongolia World Healing Exchange Trip                             

This report is dedicated to all of the many people who 
have made AWB's Haiti Disaster Recovery Project possible.


Five months after the Haiti Earthquake, teams of AWB Volunteers continue to deliver ear acupuncture treatments to Haitians and relief workers alike.

Haitian girls with ear needles during treatment

Haitian girls with ear 
needles during  treatment
We would like to thank you, our friends and donors, including all the schools and individuals who have participated in fundraising. Without you there would have been no AWB Haiti Disaster Recovery Project.

We would also like to thank our valiant organizers, Haiti Volunteer Coordinator, Diane Eggleston, and Haiti Operations Manager, Julia Raneri, for their sacrifice and dedication in running this program. Thank you as well to our selfless volunteers for giving so much of themselves and their time (please see photos in the body of this email, with team lists and additional team photos included at the end.) Thank you finally to all of the people who have been ready and willing to serve with AWB in Haiti, whether it worked out logistically for you to go at this time or not. Your fellowship and moral support are invaluable to us, and we consider you part of the team.

AWB Volunteer Liz Nelson from Team 2 treating in Haiti
AWB Volunteer Liz Nelson 
 from Team 2 treating in Haiti

The results of these combined efforts are amazing - the ongoing need astounding.

Click here to donate to AWB's Haiti Disaster Recovery Project

Here is one example of how the treatments change lives, as reported by recent AWB Team Member Marc Chery:
"We walk into the post-op tent.  It is very hot and there is a feeble little fan not making much difference....
...There is an irritable woman being tended to by an ex-husband and others who are trying to keep her cool and calm with wet compresses... The woman is combative, restlessly battling in the bed, and cursing at the husband and anyone else ...who has come to see her...
The ex-husband summons one of the acupuncturists and requests treatment for her...  Amazingly, the woman... gives permission....  (and) brave acupuncturist Susan Bloch ... needles the woman's left ear but hesitates to continue ...because the woman has once again become so restless.... 
Susan confers with team leader Doris who makes the decision to discontinue treatment out of concern that the woman may move and hurt herself.  However, unbeknownst to everyone, the woman has quietly fallen asleep and is breathing peacefully like a baby....the needles are left in her left ear during the whole time the team is in the tent treating post-op patients...She is still sleeping by the time the needles are removed and the team moves to another tent."

AWB Volunteer Translator Marc Chery from Team 4
AWB Volunteer Translator 
Marc Chery from Team 4

So far, AWB has sent seven teams to Haiti (including the initial exploratory trip with Executive Director Diana Fried and Haiti Operations Manager Julia Raneri.) The fewer than two dozen volunteers on these trips have provided close to 3,000 ear acupuncture treatments. Their service has reduced the pain of many survivors, and has allowed hundreds of others to sleep, think and function once again. But above all, the treatments have offered the most precious healing assistance possible: a sense of hope.
Yet the need remains tremendous.

Estimates say 3 million, or 1/3 of Haiti's people, were directly affected by the earthquake. For many, the trauma and dislocation they experienced are making it difficult for them to begin rebuilding their lives.
Nathalie Guillaume, a Haitian national who is currently completing acupuncture school in the United States, volunteered with AWB in Haiti providing treatment, coordination, and translation. She describes the experience of returning to her country after the earthquake:
"From the back of the pickup truck I was in, I saw it all....
my old church, my old school, my old house.... Crushed under the rubble!
Everywhere was affected.
Everybody looked older.
The streets were all wrinkled with sadness....
The people...afraid...traumatized...quiet...
 What shocked me the most as a healthcare provider were the conditions under which we functioned...because the basic would have (for where) your patient (would recover) were non-existent! 
No food, no water, no home to go back to or family to run to....." 
(Click HERE to read Nathalie's complete account)

Nathalie Guillaume from Team 2 treats in Haiti
Nathalie Guillaume

AWB has been coordinating efforts with the Haitian government and has received approval from the Ministry of Health to provide services in Haiti for six months with an option to extend. Meanwhile, many other relief agencies have left the country.
Here are some observations from Doris Johnson, recent AWB Haiti Team Leader:

"There is a great need in Haiti for continued acupuncture services.  It seems as if the global community has already forgotten Haiti and the devastation that the earthquake has caused...The NGO (non-governmental organization) presence in Port-Au-Prince seems to have waned..."

Recent AWB Team 4 Leader Doris Johnson in Haiti
Doris And Haitian Girls

AWB's first priority currently in Haiti is to respond to the frequent requests from Haitian medical personnel to become trained in the use of the ear acupuncture protocol so they can treat their own people with this technique.

Click here to donate to AWB's Haiti Disaster Recovery Project
Here are further thoughts from Doris Johnson:

"AWB's use of the NADA (ear) protocol to help alleviate stress and symptoms of PTSD has been extremely helpful, so much so that the (Haitian) people are requesting training to learn and implement this protocol.  It makes perfect sense for AWB to...provide this many more individuals can be treated as a result of this training...The training is relatively simple, and can be done in just a few days..."

In order to provide ear acupuncture training to 40 Haitian health care providers, including staff from the General Hospital and students at Quisqueya Medical University, AWB will need to raise an additional $20,000. 
AWB's second priority for service in Haiti is to be able to send in a limited number of additional volunteer teams who can provide these life-saving treatments.
Each AWB relief trip to Haiti costs up to $5,000 for lodging, transportation, communications, supplies, and other expenses, even when volunteers raise funds for their own airfare and food. AWB's first trip to Haiti to organize treatment venues, as well as the ongoing coordination needed from within the U.S., have also required significant investment. AWB has raised close to $40,000 for this program - and these funds have already been allocated for the project to date.
The number of volunteer teams AWB sends to Haiti in 2010 will depend on the funds that can be raised, and how the need evolves once Haitian health care providers have received AWB training.
AWB is seeking a minimum of $30,000 to provide ear acupuncture training and support to Haitian medical personnel, as well as treatment in Haiti by at least two more AWB volunteer teams.

The aid you provide to Haiti also brings back into the United States an expanded understanding of the world, and a sense of appreciation and compassion for our neighbors, far and wide.
Michelle Masangkay, recently returned volunteer from Team 6, shared her thoughts (see Team 6 group photo in Teams List at the end of this email):
"...l had a very positive, loving, meaningful experience with the people of Haiti as well as my awesome team.  I loved my experience so much, I wanted to stay in Haiti and keep doing what we were doing. 
I went to Haiti with the intent to help bring love/healing through acupuncture.  In the end, I think Haiti helped me instead; my priorities of what really matter are clearer and there MUST be meaning in everything you do to enjoy the moment AND LIFE! 
I feel my eyes have been closed all my life and just opened up this past trip; and it feels great to see!" 
Betsy Whittemore, Leader of AWB's second team to Haiti, echoed these sentiments, and talked about the impact of the treatments on the patients:
"My experience in Haiti was nothing short of life changing. ...We treated in the General Hospital in tents on cement. Whole families were surrounding one patient where open wounds, sawed off limbs, fresh mastectomies and head wounds with people missing ears prevailed. What predominated, however, in wounded and caregivers alike, was a look in their eyes that went right into your heart. There was little reluctance to agree to be treated, although this must have been foreign to them. They knew even more than we did that this would really give them something. As the team worked the tent, the sounds went from chaotic chatter, yelling and moaning to quiet. All patients sat and lay with their eyes closed like statues of the Buddha in deep meditation.
When we removed the needles their eyes were shining, full of Shen. And they thanked us and Blessed us and our families for bringing this to them. They also always said," When are you coming back?"

Betsy Whittemore, Team 2 Leader, far left, with team members Nathalie Guillaume and Jenny Kjos
Team 2

$100 will pay for 10 AWB treatments in Haiti. $300 will pay to train a Haitian medical doctor in the use of the NADA protocol so he or she can treat thousands of people.

AWB is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible.

AWB also has a fundraising kit available if you would like to sponsor a fundraising event for AWB's Haiti Disaster Recovery Project.
For more information about this kit please email

Diana Fried
Executive Director
Acupuncturists Without Borders

Volunteer Teams to Date: AWB Haiti Disaster Recovery Project

Team 1

Team 1: March 4-12  (From left above) Graham Marks, L.Ac. - Alfred, NY; Victoria Szatkowski, Translator - Portland, ME; (in the back) Julia Raneri, Haiti Operations Manager, Team Leader, L.Ac., LMP - San Francisco, CA; and Sue Larkin, L.Ac. - Truro, MA

Team 2:  March 25-Apr 2  (See photo of some Team 2 members earlier in this email. )
Betsy Whittemore, L.Ac., R.N., Team Leader - Pewee Valley, KY; Nathalie Guillaume, Translator, Acupuncture Intern, Liaison - Miramar, FL; Jennie Kjos, L.Ac. - Wilsonville, OR. Team members not in this picture: Liz Nelson, L.Ac., R.N. - Tamarac, FL; Richard Pierre-Louis, Translator - Hollywood, FL

Team 3: April 6-14 (Not pictured) Deployment of this team was deferred for logistical reasons.  Some went on later trips, and some are serving Haiti through fundraising with AWB or working with other organizations.  Sally Van Snepson-Barnett, L.Ac. - Naples, ME; Rachel Kelley, L.Ac. - Talahassee, FL; Nancy Miller, L.Ac. - Arlington, VA; and Susan Lorraine Phillips, L.Ac., R.N. - Brooksville, FL

Team 4

Team 4: April 16-24 (From left above)  Doris Johnson, Team Leader, L.Ac., Los Angeles, CA; Susan Bloch, L.Ac., R.N. - Philadelphia, PA; Kathy Dean, L.Ac., R.N. - Shelburne Falls, MA; Marc Chery, M.L.S., Translator - San Diego, CA


Team 5: May 1-10 (Not pictured)  Sally Van Snepson-Barnett, Co-Team Leader, L.Ac., P.A. - Naples, ME; Helen Aylward, Co-Team Leader L.Ac., R.N.  - Portland, ME; Joseph Williams, A.P., D.O.M.  - Gainesville, FL; Dina Gosse, L.Ac. - North Bend, WA

Team 6

Team 6: May 20-29 (From left above)  Michelle Masangkay, L.Ac., San Francisco, CA; Rachel Kelley, L.Ac., Tallahassee, FL; Daphne Jochnick, Team Leader L.Ac. - Hyannis, MA; David Sniezek, M.D., L.Ac., D.C. - Washington DC

Team 7: June 8-16 (not yet returned)  Coleen Connolly, Team Leader, L.Ac., R.N. - Pownal, ME; Sarah Sanford, L.Ac. - Robbinsdale, MN; Laurence Lisa Lebreton, D.O.M. - Santa Fe, NM; Cynthia Waymegwance, L.Ac. - Paauilo, HI

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