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November 2008

Portland, Maine Veterans Acupuncture Clinic

Updates from the Field!

$6,000 Grant
This is the first collaborative grant effort undertaken as part of the Veterans Project. Congratulations to The Veterans Acupuncture Center (VAC) Metrowest in Framingham, MA and Christine Lee for her great work!

An update from Susan Reed

1)   I took the tryptych (made by the Portland, Maine Veterans Clinic)  to a Jeff Nagel seminar a couple of weekends ago, and just set it up with the PVAC book, etc.,  and people looked at it on the breaks.

By the end of the seminar, three or four practitioners from the Bangor area said they want to start a clinic up there, and will be sending emissaries to PVAC to learn the ropes before long.

2)  At the NYC training, at the end of my PVAC presentation, you might recall I was talking about "what's next?" and mentioned we were thinking of getting cushions for the very uncomfortable metal folding chairs the vets have to sit on.  One of the participants came up at the end and said he thought he could get us some cushions - and he did!  100 of them came today!

3)  A guy approached me at the Vets Day clinic to say he was from the Purple Heart Club, which has donated to us in the past.  He told me they plan to make another donation before long, and they are offering to provide a free venue to a team from PVAC, if we'll come to Yarmouth to open a new clinic there, too.  We are considering it, since we seem to be overstaffed all the time, now that folks have a feel for the protocol.  We'll be discussing it next Monday to decide what to do, but a few folks were open to it, it seemed.  So, PVAC may be branching out into "satellite offices".

4)  23 participants on Vets Day.   We are talking about doing another big advertising push to get the numbers back up higher.  We changed our venue, and since then have had somewhat fewer folks coming.  Not sure if they didn't get the news of our move.

PVAC in Maine is happy to share their information sheet that they use for their clinic with anyone and we will send them the requests.

The Next Conference Call

Next conference call time:
Friday Dec. 12 at 12 p.m. ET

Call Topic:
How to Get Financial Support for a Vets Clinic

Local Times:

7:00 am - AHST (Alaska Hawaii Standard time)
9:00 am - PST (Pacific Standard time)
10:00 am - MST (Mountain Standard time)
11:00 am - CST (Central Standard time)
12:00 pm - EST (Eastern Standard time)

Instructions for Joining the Call

Please read the article on Call Guidelines at the bottom of this email before joining the next call.

1.  Dial the conference call number: (616) 597-8000

2.  You will be prompted to enter the Pass Code:
     1017686 followed by #

3.  Follow any other prompts, as they are self-explanatory
4.  Please wait to announce yourself unless the intros have not yet begun

Other keys to know:

Press *4 for more instructions
Press *6 to mute (like if your dog is barking), and *6 again to un-mute.

*You will be charged whatever your long-distance rates are for this phone call and nothing more.

To listen to our last conference call:
Vets Day Events Debriefing

Diane Rehm Show
Services for Veterans Returning from War

The Diane Rehm Show

A look at medical, mental health, and other needs of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the efforts to improve the delivery of services.

Barbara Romberg, founder and president of "Give an Hour," a non-profit organization which provides mental health care services to veterans and their families affected by the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; clinical psychologist

Sydney Freedberg, staff correspondent,
"National Journal"

Jason Forrester, director of policy, Veterans for America, a non-partisan organization working to rebuild the military by ensuring the troops are given the care their sacrifice merits

Dr. Stephen Xenakis, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.), consultant to the Department of Defense.

Vets Day Events

Thank you to all who held a Vets Day Event!!!

Nancy Ann Miller and Sharon Crowell -
McLean, VA

Valerie Smith - Cambridge, MA

Lady Melody Clancy - St. Augustine, FL

Jordan Van Voast & Communichi - Seattle, WA

David Villanueva - Newark, CA

Maggie Tracey - Carson City, NV

Carolyn Bleakley - Santa Fe, NM

Yolanda Vasquez - New York, NY

Linda Stengel and Christie Kern - Racine, WI

Carla Lee - Albuquerque, NM

K.D. Smith - West Los Angeles, CA

Kristen Porter, Beth Sommers &
Veterans Benefit Clearing House - Boston, MA

Won Institute - Glenside, PA

Christopher Perry - Stamford, CT

JoAnne Lehrfeld - St Petersburgh, FL

Johan Keller - Longview, WA

Miki Iborra & White Crane Healing Arts - Tamarac, FL

Ashley Herrin - Ft Lauderdale, FL

Abi Morrison - Rockland, ME

Claudia McCalla - Galveston, TX


Hello and thank you to everyone!!

"It was a great day! I treated 35 veterans and/or family members! It was so much more than I anticipated. I could not have done it without your assistance and support, so thank you!"

"The cakes were a wonderful treat for after acupuncture and everyone seem to enjoy their time at the Veteran's Hall. Many tried acupuncture for the 1st time. Donations will go to the local veterans and to Acupuncturists without Borders. "

"I learned a lot and will be looking forward to scheduling another clinic. "

"Thanks, again for your support and assistance in helping to make this a wonderful veteran's day event!"

Maggie Tracey, OMD 
Carson City, NV

Maggie -
"Great to hear.  I was at the Post that evening and they were raving about it.  A job well done."

"I would be happy to put an enhanced version of what you have written below on our website "blog page" if you'd like.  If you want to expand it slightly to explain the procedure and keep all the success parts in there, we'll get you some more awareness."

"Again, congrats!  Let me know how we can help further."
Tim Tetz
Nevada Office of Veterans Services

Veterans Clinics Updates

Nice new website from the Philadelphia clinic

"The first day of the clinic, we treated a Vietnam War Veteran.  After the treatment, I asked him about his sleeping.  He told me that he had not slept soundly for over 20 years.  I gave him some sleep tea and ask him to try it.  The next morning, he called the clinic and said that he had not slept so well in over 20 years and that he did not even try the sleep tea. Makes all of our efforts worthwhile."

 Carolyn Bleakley, L.Ac., Santa Fe/Pojoaque Veterans Clinic

Recent Articles

A Veteran's Blog mentioning our work in the Veterans Community

Clinic plans acupuncture for veterans Ithaca, NY
(Scroll down the page to find this section)

In Honor of Veterans Day: Community Acupuncture Clinics for Veterans

Exeter area Veterans Day Events

Upcoming Trainings from AWB:
Healing Community Trauma

If you  haven't yet attended a training and you sign up now we will send you the Field Manual,
at your request, promptly upon completion of your registration.

AWB Healing Community Trauma Training: How to Provide Mobile Group Acupuncture for Traumatic Events

Los Angeles, CA
December 6-7, 2008

Albuquerque, NM
January 17 - 18, 2009

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To reach us by phone, please call 505-266-3878.

Instructions For Joining An AWB Conference Call

In order to streamline our conference calls we would like to ask everyone who participates to take a look at the following instructions and call format.  We hope this will help us avoid too much distraction and overlap on the calls and allow us to make the most of the time we have together.  We try to keep the calls to one hour in length.

Before the call:

When you join the call:
  • Announce yourself if you arrive on time and the Introductions have not begun.
  • If you join the call after the start time please wait to announce yourself.
  • During Intros and Updates we will periodically check to make sure everyone who silently joins the calls gets to introduce themselves as well.
*Don't forget to mute yourself if you are hearing any background noise when you are not talking.  Press *6 to mute or use the mute button on your own phone.

Call Format:

     1.  Introductions and Updates - we will ask folks to introduce themselves one by one.
  • When it is your turn, please:
    • Tell us your name and location and whether this is you first call.
    • Give a brief update of what is happening for you in terms of the Vets Project.
    • At the end of your introduction, state any questions you have. (These will be answered after Intros.)
     2.  AWB Update - Diana Fried or the program coordinator will give a brief update from AWB about progress and news relevant to the Vets Project.

    3. Discussion on the call topic.

     4.  Q & A - Diana Fried and AWB staff will address the questions presented during Intros and offer time for further questions at the end.

  • During this time if you have helpful information to add from your own experience to address peoples questions please do so by announcing yourself during a pause.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Acupuncturists Without Borders
37 Kelly Lynn Dr.
Albuquerque, NM 87047
Phone: 505-266-3878
Fax: 866-574-0239

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