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January 2009
Dear Diana,

Welcome to a New Year in which we hope to see the number of new clinics keep growing.  We currently have 17 clinics up and running around the country providing free community style acupuncture to vets and their families with several more nearing their launch date!

Please join us in 2009 by creating or joining a group in your area to develop a veterans clinic to serve your community.  Email AWB to see if we have folks in your area who have already expressed an interest in the veterans project with whom you can collaborate.

Lets get 10 more clinics up and running by July!
The Next Conference Call
Next conference call time:
Wednesday, February 18 at 8:00 pm ET

Call Topic:
Cultural Sensitivity for Working With Veterans and the nuts and bolts of Financial Arrangements with AWB for Vets Clinics

PLEASE NOTE: Despite what the operator says when you first get connected with this conference call service, please wait to announce yourself.  We will periodically check to see if anyone new has joined the call rather than have the new callers interrupt the current conversation.

Local Times:
3:00 pm - AHST (Alaska Hawaii Standard time)
5:00 pm - PST (Pacific Standard time)
6:00 pm - MST (Mountain Standard time)
7:00 pm - CST (Central Standard time)

8:00 pm - EST (Eastern Standard time)

Instructions for Joining the Call*

* Please read the article on Call Guidelines at the bottom of this email before joining the next call.

1.  Dial the conference call number: (616) 597-8000
2.  You will be prompted to enter the Pass Code:
     1017686 followed by #
3.  Follow any other prompts, as they are self-explanatory
4.  Please wait to announce yourself unless the intros have not yet begun

Other keys to know:

Press *4 for more instructions
Press *6 to mute (like if your dog is barking), and *6 again to un-mute.

*You will be charged whatever your long-distance rates are for this phone call and nothing more.

To listen to our last conference call:
How to Fund Your Veterans Clinic

Highlights From the Last Conference Call

Topic: How to Fund Your Veterans Clinic
To Listen to this call you can download the wav file HERE
  • Fundraising events:
    • Community Acupuncture Events to involve the local community in supporting your clinic efforts
    • Solicit support in the form of monetary or product/service donations from local businesses for raffles, silent auctions, refreshments, clinic space, printing services etc.
    • Get a restaurant to sponsor you with portion of their proceeds on a given day/night  to your clinic.
  • Financial Arrangement with AWB as a 501c3 pass through organization - clinic gets 70% on account for reimbursement for expenses (must send in receipts) and AWB keeps 30% to cover admin costs of maintaining accounting. (see Vets Project Site Manual for more details - if you do not already have the site manual you can purchase it HERE or register for one of our Healing Community Trauma Trainings to get your free copy HERE)
  • Work with AWB to be listed on our website as your clinic gets going and use materials from the Site Manual and AWB's website to present your clinic ideas to local potential sponsors (i.e. businesses, individuals, corporations, grant funders, foundations, etc.)
  • Local grants  - work with AWB or on your own to apply for local grants for doing trauma work with veterans or any others that may apply to funding your clinic. (Working with AWB requires a Financial Arrangement as laid out in the Site Manual)
  • Get creative and involve the whole community in your funding efforts!

Materials Corner

For Doing Outreach for Your Clinic
  • has a good article that can be used as a handout for trying to convince people to go to, or support, Vets Clinic HERE.
  • Info Flyer about AWB that you can print out HERE
For Use in Your Clinic
  • Shuttle Sharps Containers are a handy and secure way to deal with removal of needles in a group setting.  It is shaped like a pointy test tube and is secure yet small enough to stick in your pocket so you can remove needles and keep your sharps container on you as you move around the room hands-free.
Veterans Clinic Outreach Avenues
 Vets Stand Downs

Contact the coordinators of these events to see if you can be a part of their list of services.

"Stand Downs are one part of the Department of Veterans Affairs' efforts to provide services to homeless veterans.  Stand Downs are typically one to three day events providing services to homeless veterans such as food, shelter, clothing, health screenings, VA and Social Security benefits counseling, and referrals to a variety of other necessary services, such as housing, employment and substance abuse treatment.  Stand Downs are collaborative events, coordinated between local VAs, other government agencies, and community agencies who serve the homeless."

See the rest of this information HERE and find a Stand Down in your area to offer your support to and reach out into your local veterans community.
Veterans Clinics Updates
Clinics are scheduled to open their throughout January, February and March in:

Turners Falls, MA
Boston, MA
East Bay Area, CA
Charlottsville, VA
Chicago, IL

See our current list of clinics operating around the country HERE.
Recent Articles

A Focus on Violence By Returning GI's
Battlefield Acupuncture Use In Germany
Battlefield Acupuncture Use In The USA

Upcoming Trainings from AWB:
Healing Community Trauma

If you  haven't yet attended a training and you sign up now we will send you the Field Manual,
at your request,
promptly upon completion of your registration.

AWB Healing Community Trauma Training: How to Provide Mobile Group Acupuncture for Traumatic Events

The next few trainings will be held:

Albuquerque, NM  January 17-18, 2009
Southwest Acupuncure College

Orlando, FL  February 28-March 1, 2009
Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Santa Cruz, CA  April 4-5, 2009
Five Branches University

Click Here to Register Now!

To reach us by phone, please call 505-266-3878.

Support the National Effort
Donate Now*

The National Veterans Project is run on a shoestring budget and can always use your help in supporting the growth of this grassroots effort. 

Remember that you can help us with your tax-deductible donation in any amount and that for every 10$ you donate we are able to help support the treatment of one Veteran or a member of their family,

Your $100.00 could allow for all the attendees at one of our newer clinics to receive treatment for one evening!

Give Now, give when you can, and give generously!  Every dollar counts.

*Please make a note in the 'notes to seller' area on paypal or the memo field of your check that you want your donation to go directly to the Veterans Project so that we correctly earmark your donation and Thank You for your support.
Instructions For Joining An AWB Conference Call

In order to streamline our conference calls please take a look at the following instructions and call format.  This helps us avoid too much distraction and overlap on the calls and allow us to make the most of the time we have together. 

We will keep calls to under 1 hour.

Before the call:
- Show quoted text -

When you join the call:
  • Announce yourself if you arrive on time and the Introductions have not begun.
  • If you join the call after the start time please wait to announce yourself.
  • During Intros and Updates we will periodically check to make sure everyone who silently joins the calls gets to introduce themselves as well.
*Don't forget to mute yourself if you are hearing any background noise when you are not talking.  Press *6 to mute or use the mute button on your own phone.

Call Format:

1.  Introductions and Updates - we will ask folks to introduce themselves one by one.
  • When it is your turn, please:
    • Tell us your name and location and whether this is you first call.
    • Give a brief update of what is happening for you in terms of the Vets Project.
    • At the end of your introduction, state any questions you have. (These will be answered after Intros.)
2.  AWB Update - Diana Fried or the program coordinator will give a brief update from AWB about progress and news relevant to the Vets Project.

3. Discussion on the call topic.

4.  Q & A - Diana Fried and AWB staff will address the questions presented during Intros and offer time for further questions at the end.

  • During this time if you have helpful information to add from your own experience to address peoples questions please do so by announcing yourself during a pause.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Acupuncturists Without Borders
37 Kelly Lynn Dr.
Albuquerque, NM 87047
Phone: 505-266-3878
Fax: 866-574-0239

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