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MSRP Newsletter 9-09
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New Military Stress Recovery Program Clinic Structure
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September 2009


I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the transition from
summer into fall.  I am sending this email to give you an update on
the Military Stress Recovery Project (formerly the Veterans Project)
and to let you know what will be happening in the months to come.

First, after over a year away from AWB I am returning to the Military
Stress Recovery Project in a limited capacity.  I am so excited to be
returning to a program that I feel so deeply connected with and I look
forward to working with you once again.  I ask for your patience as I
get up to speed on all of the incredible changes that have taken place
in the last year.  If you have a question or issue that has gone
untended to recently please know that we are doing the best we can
with the limited resources we have.

Second, you can expect to see lots of changes, updates and new
additions to the project in the weeks and months to come.  From
updated areas of the website, to useful new documents for operating
clinics, to increased support from AWB's national office; I am working
diligently to make the greater vision for the MSRP into a reality.

Third and finally, we are rolling out a new structure for the program
that will effect all new and existing clinics.  MSRP clinics will now
have the opportunity to become a Member or Supporting clinic and
through this relationship will gain support, opportunities and a
number of benefits through AWB.  You will find a summary of this new
structure below.

We are currently seeking funds for ongoing support of the Military Stress Recovery Program.  If you know of potential grant sources, individual donors or businesses that may want to support this work please let us know.

Thank you each for your commitment to this program and to this
medicine as a vehicle for recovery and healing.

In the spirit of service,
Sarah Tewhey
MSRP Coordinator
The New MSRP Clinic Structure

The following is a summary of our new MSRP clinical structure.

Member Clinics


Access to "members only" field documents and to our Members Forum

Free advertising by being listed on AWB's website and the credibility of being part of national network

Free sharps containers and pre-paid sharps disposal from

Invitation to join our online Military Stress Recovery Project Forum

Supporting the ongoing creation of new MSRP Clinics around the country providing free treatments to veterans and their families.


AWB's Field Manual must be purchased or obtained at a training

A Business Plan worksheet must be filled out and returned to AWB

AWB staff must complete a phone call interview with one or more of the leaders of the clinic

A commitment by your clinic to hold at least 1 Community Acupuncture Fundraising Event per year of membership

Attendance by one or more of the clinic leaders at an AWB training is strongly encouraged, but not required.

The Annual Dues for an MSRP Member Clinic are $100.00 per clinic (not per volunteer). An individual who is a member of AWB is welcome to switch that individual membership to an MSRP clinic membership if they so choose.  Your membership fee goes directly to the Military Stress Recovery Project to maintain the program and allow AWB to continue to provide the informational, moral and collaborative support that maintains the national network of MSRP clinics.

Once membership is set up, the clinic is welcome to call itself an MSRP Member Clinic.

You are then eligible to become a Supporting Clinic.

Supporting Clinics


Eligibility to enter into a financial arrangement with AWB by which contributions to your clinic are tax-deductible as long as they are made out to and sent to AWB

Eligibility to work in collaboration with AWB to apply for grants to support your clinic

Free needles from Lhasa OMS as part of an arrangement with AWB, upon AWB's receipt of your MSRP clinic's After Treatment Survey forms

Support for the national Military Stress Recovery Project and the work we are all doing together

Simplified accounting procedures for you


All clinic practitioners must be licensed acupuncturists in the state where the clinic is located (or if NADA practitioners are legally considered ADS practitioners in that state - that they are duly licensed).

At least one primary clinic practitioner has been trained directly by AWB and is supervising and training other staff.

All clinics must have an email address, phone number and mailing address identified as Clinic Contact Information and submit that information to AWB.

All clinics must elect a Treasurer who will be responsible for dealing with all financial issues for the clinic.

All clinic practitioners must carry malpractice insurance that covers any MSRP clinic locations where you are practicing.

Clinics are required to send to AWB three months of After Treatment Surveys, at which time they will qualify to receive 3 months of free needles. This process is to be done every three months.

In order to enter into a reimbursement contract your clinic will need to keep detailed records of all incoming donations and outgoing expenses.

Approval by AWB and signing of Reimbursement Contract form.


AWB will allocate 70% of the donations raised by your clinic and submitted to AWB to your clinic account as a credit for you to draw on as expenses incur. The other 30% of the donation will go to support the national AWB organization and the administration of the Military Stress Recovery Project.

AWB will set up an account in each affiliated clinic's name. Any contributions that donors want to be tax deductible should be made out to AWB.

AWB will send quarterly statements to the Supporting Clinic Treasurer, and you may request interim statements.


These can include acupuncture supplies, office supplies for use of the MSRP clinic, printing costs, rental charges for the space where the clinic is held, website costs, phone costs, accounting services, marketing and advertising costs to make the public aware of
the MSRP clinic.

We can NOT reimburse for volunteer stipends for clinic practitioners.

We can reimburse for professional services where you have hired an
outside vendor to conduct services.
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