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Vets Newsletter 5-08
The Times They Are A' Changing.
Sarah and Diana
Sarah and Diana having some fun at the Phoenix Training,  April 2008.
Greetings Veterans Project Volunteers and Friends of AWB,

The last six months coordinating the Veterans Project have been simply incredible.  In the last year we've seen this program explode and there are now over 15 veterans clinics operating nationwide.  This means that dozens and dozens of veterans and their familes are receiving free treatment every week and are spreading the word among the larger veterans community about this unique program.

The Veterans Project has held a very special place in my heart because it gave me an opportunity to engage in the coordination work that I love once again, and because I have my own family members who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  The foundation of the Veterans Project, for me, has been about using our medicine to help heal individual and community trauma and to bridge deep divides in this country which are based on political opinion, culture and economics.  The coordination and cooperation I have witnessed between people who ordinarily would not be working together has been humbling, inspiring and has changed me profoundly as a human being and as a future acupuncturist.

As some of you know I finished the Masters program at Southwest Acupuncture College in December of 2007, am moving back to my home state of Maine at the end of this month and am expecting a baby in October!  Leaving AWB as a staff member has been a difficult decision, but I will be putting the Veterans Project in the capable hands of our fearless leader Diana Fried on May 23rd.  I will continue to do smaller short-term projects for AWB and will always be available to the Veterans Project for advice and support.

Diana will be taking on coordination of the project immediately, however she is currently dealing with the very recent passing of her father.  Please send her your thoughts and prayers during the weeks and months to come and provide her with your support, patience and understanding in relation to the Veterans Project.  Taking over a project of this size is a huge task in itself under the best of circumstances.

Diana is an amazing leader.  I am certain that the Veterans Project will benefit greatly from her knowledge, guidance and energy.  Over the last two and a half years through New Orleans, the California Wildfires, the Veterans Project and working together daily to build AWB as an organization, Diana and I have laughed until we've cried, worked ourselves to the point of exhaustion, invented solutions to problems we never could have imagined and reveled in those rare moments when we could see the impact of AWB's work.  It has been truly a privilege to learn from her, she is a treasure within the acupuncture community. 

It has been a such a pleasure to work with all of you. 
In the spirit of service,
Sarah Tewhey
Acupuncturists Without Borders
37 Kelly Lynn Drive
Sandia Park, NM, New Mexico 87047
(505) 266-3878
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