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Update from New Orleans

January 25, 2006

Dear friends:

New Orleans continues to struggle with the enormity of this task of recovery…the scope is still truly unimaginable! And yet the lovely warmth of this city shines through. Jill, the owner of the café from which I currently write, reminded the elderly gentleman buying his lunch just now not to forget his soda pop…he had obviously done this routine many, many times, and she had been witness to that little habit of his, many times…the spirit of community is everywhere, in large and small ways…

Yesterday we treated staff at Habitat for Humanity. One of the staff walked out saying: “ I can not remember when I felt this relaxed…oh, wow!” (She had to leave her apartment, which was not devastated, because the landlord doubled the rent after the hurricane…all the side effects of the disaster!). Habitat graciously gave AWB a donation after the treatment.

Current volunteers are Mary Chaney (ME), Serena Sundaram (WA), Caterina di Palma (NM), and joined by Marcella Robinson (NY) and Quang Huynh (LA).

When I arrived in New Orleans I was overwhelmed, once again, with the response and generosity of the acupuncture community and friends who sent needles and other supplies….box after box…small and large. Thank you on behalf of all of us.

I just received this email…and have gotten so many phone calls of similar nature…

I friend of mine in NYC learned of your org. though her acupuncturist and passed the info on to me. I was wondering if you could let me know when and where your org. would be in town and providing services to residents of New Orleans. I have been back in town since early Oct. living with my parents and then friends when that became too hard. I could use all the help i can get physically and emotionally. I am sure you know that just walking out of the house is a challenge on a daily basis.
Thank you for serving our community in our time of extreme need.

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