Current team in New Orleans (minus Suzannah Eross): (Left to Right) Diana Fried, Sandy River,  Cristi DeMarco, Dossy Law, Gigi Felicitta, Quang Huynh
Current team in New Orleans (minus Suzannah Eross): (Left to Right) Diana Fried, Sandy River, Cristi DeMarco, Dossy Law, Gigi Felicitta, Quang Huynh
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Treatments at Vietnamese Buddhist Temple, New Orleans

Dear AWB Friends:

It has been powerful work with the Vietnamese community in New Orleans, among others. (see pictures here) As I did acupuncture, a woman told me her story of coming over on a boat from Vietnam in the early 80’s, the hunger and thirst, the rapes, and the despair. She was 16. Her family went to a Thai refugee camp and then to the Philippines, and eventually to New Orleans. Eventually she opened a grocery store, in which she lived. The store was destroyed in the hurricane. She has a 4 month old baby. She can not get enough money to re-open, because she had some bad credit. The pain just goes on and on…

We want to thank the NCCAOM for its recent announcement of a donation to Acupuncturists Without Borders. The money is greatly needed and we appreciate the support and vote of confidence in our work.

We are feeling like a truly international organization as we now have handouts and evaluations in Vietnamese and some in Spanish!

I had a dream the other night that AWB was given $50,000…

Some more testimonials:

“I see acupuncture helping to dramatically relieve the stress and tension of our volunteers so we can better serve the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As volunteers with the Red Cross we tend to focus so much on other people that we forget to make sure that we are physically and mentally healthy. Acupuncture and other health services are invaluable in the overall effectiveness of our service work.”

New Orleans residents have also greatly appreciated the treatments provided by AWB at locations around the city.

“Hurricane Katrina was a big disaster for us in the fact that my grandparents and I lost our routine way of life. Even though our house did not flood, many things have not been well. The free clinic that we found included acupuncture. My grandmother…had the five points done on her ear. She has knee pains. The wonderful ladies were able to put a few needles in her elbow. My grandmother was very happy because her knee pain stopped. It was and is a wonderful service for us. Thank you for allowing us to release the pain naturally.”

I am a supervisor at Warehouse 5, Reserve LA working with the Red Cross. I was under quite a bit of stress a few months ago and have chronic neck pain and heard about the acupuncture that was offered through FEMA at tent city, outside NOLA. I went, as many, a skeptic, but after 20 minutes, was completely convinced. I havent felt so good in years. I returned to the warehouse to comments that I was less stressed and more pleasant- qualities which helped me as a supervisor and made the flow of the warehouse far better. My only complaint is that I now have the symptoms returning and I havent the money to pay for the services! To whom it may concern, the acupuncture I received was amazing and went far beyond a pleasant experience; I believe it was a necessity. Thanks for your time.

As shelter coordinator here at St. Anthony/ICM shelter, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the group Acupuncturists Without Borders on a weekly basis. Since our shelter is comprised entirely of a Vietnamese community, acupuncture is a form of healing which is deeply rooted in our culture. This group has brought relief from pain and stress for so many. Our evacuees have been through so much these past few months that this one measure of relief has been received with much gratitude by them. I bear witness to the fact that our evacuees look forward to these weekly visits. I highly recommend the services provided by Acupuncturists Without Borders and can only hope that they continue to help others in whatever capacity they can.

On behalf of the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity, I wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude for the services you extended to us. The experience was unique and mind soothing. Our staff enjoyed every bit of the relaxation that your services provided and they really needed it too…

Our work has been and continues to sap the energy out of our staff. The task we face is daunting, and everyday we make one giant stride in our rebuilding efforts. The staffs at Habitat were victims of Katrina as well. Our Volunteer Americorp group lost all their property when the volunteer housing got flooded. They still continue to live in a church. Every staff member was affected by Katrina and yet slowly and with smiling faces they continue to exhibit tremendous resilience and courage. They undertake their jobs with exceptional energy and attitude, often masking their emotion and the heavy burden they personally carry within. They take their job as God’s mission and as a calling to dedication and selfless service.

Acupuncture’s all natural healing method is great. Majority of our staff have never experienced it before and were greatly thrilled and relaxed at the end of the session. They experienced a pleasant feeling of relaxation, increased energy levels, better appetite and sleep as well as an enhanced feeling of overall wellbeing.

Thanks for your work and the continued joy you bring to devastated communities and aid workers in New Orleans!

"Receiving is very different from the ego-consciousness of getting. It is the conscious activity of opening the heart to draw in [a gift] from another. Receiving is one of the highest gifts we can give one another"

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