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Latest Update on Louisiana Medical Board Situation

March 21, 2006

Yesterday, John MacDonald (who had come from Pennsylvania and had a nightmare airport experience) was offered two minutes to speak to the Board. He said: Its an awful long way to come for 2 minutes. He spoke for 15 minutes. The mayor had just announced the seventh extension of the Hurricane Katrina emergency which John referred to in his presentation.

The Medical Board is saying they dont have the authority to make the allowance for out-of-state acupuncturists to come to Louisiana. We, however, dont believe this, are still very much pursuing options and exploring possibilities. We do not feel the door is closed. One Board member came out to make personal contact with John, and there were some other glimmers of hope.

John was joined by Valerie Viosca and Robyn MizerRose. Robyn, a New Orleans resident, stood up to speak to the Board about AWBs work, when they tried to stop her from speaking. She informed them that they work for her, a taxpayer, and went on to say a few words about AWB and her incredulousness at this whole situation.

John had a chance to visit some of the venues where we have worked in New Orleans, including Common Ground and Emergency Communities, and saw first-hand the urgent desire and need for the acupuncture work we have been doing, and the ongoing state of emergency. He said: It puts things in perspective to actually be here, and see how strong is the desire for our help.

We will keep you posted.

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(Photo to contrast feeling of Board issue.)

Boy getting his teddy bear treated with acupuncture

by Sue Pollard at Cajun Dome, Lafayette, Louisiana

Diana Fried, Executive Director
Acupuncturists Without Borders

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