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Comments from Treatment Evaluations in Louisiana

Everywhere we go people ask us to return. Here are some comments that have been written on our evaluation forms:

This is a good idea to help people to deal with stress in a healthful way.

Have chocolate as a reward!

Thanks for coming here.

Good experience.

Thank you very much. This was just what I needed.

Thank you so much, I'm very grateful. Please keep up the strong support.

This was AWESOME!

Will definitely do again.


Thank you for your support.

Interesting experience.

Have them (treatments) every day.

Relaxing - it was great


This is a wonderful service!

This was an experience of a lifetime.

It was a pleasant experience. Will be back again.

Fantastic!! Thank you!

Wonderful, Thanks so much.

Thanks for the eye opener!

Keep the needles coming!

My last time having acupuncture was to remedy specific pain. This was the first for the relief of stress. It was somewhat of a euphoric sensation...loved it! Thanks!

Great program

Wonderful contribution

Would like more experimentation with procedure/treatment.

I feel calmer and more clear.

Keep coming back. You guys being here is awesome.

Great! Nice to have this opportunity to take care of ourselves.

I thought it was great, and for a brief moment the world subsided and I could reflect on me for a second.

Keep up the good work. People need to be exposed to effective treatments such as this. Thank you very much.

Very nice, thanks for helping heal the community.

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