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AWB Responding to Humanitarian Crisis at Border

In January and March of 2019, a volunteer team representing Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) conducted multiple acupuncture trauma-relief clinics in the Rio Grande Valley in response to the humanitarian crisis at the border. Our goals were to offer primary trauma relief to asylum seekers and secondary trauma relief to community first responders.


Check out our video documenting these clinics and the conditions at the border.

Recent Disaster and Crisis Relief Efforts

In 2018, we have responded to the shooting in Parkland, FL, the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico, the situation with migrant detainees at the US border, and will likely be called upon to coordinate similar disaster relief efforts in the US and internationally. In 2017, AWB provided thousands of treatments in Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and California communities devastated by hurricanes, floods and fires. Please help us rebuild our Disaster Ready Fund so that we are prepared to respond!

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The Medicine of Peace

With all that’s happening in the world these days, do you ever wonder what you could do that would actually make a difference? Find out about the Medicine of Peace.

Refugee Relief in Greece

AWB is setting up a relief effort for refugees currently stranded in Greece. Read about trauma recovery treatments recently offered in Greek refugee camps by an AWB staff and volunteer team, as well as what is planned next.

Acupuncturists Without Borders

Welcome to Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB). AWB trains acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals to use community-style acupuncture in offering compassionate treatment to trauma survivors worldwide.

National Disaster Relief

AWB supported relief efforts after shooting, wildfires, and floods in Colorado; tornados in Joplin, MO, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Moore, Oklahoma; Superstorm Sandy; the Newtown shooting; the Boston Marathon Bombing; the mudslide in Oso, WA; and the 2014 lava flow in Puna, Hawaii

Military Stress Recovery Project

AWB supports community service clinics throughout the United States that help veterans, active military, and their families, as well as other distressed members of the community, overcome trauma so they can heal, regain resilience, and lead happy lives.

World Healing Exchange

Journeying abroad with acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners to provide trauma for distressed, local communities, while learning about traditional healing practices, and visiting extraordinary places.

International Community Service Clinics

Supporting healthcare practitioners abroad in providing ongoing trauma treatment within their local communities in countries such as Nepal, Mongolia, Israel, and Haiti.

AWB in Nepal

AWB works with local organizations that rescue women and children from sex and organ trafficking, as well as domestic slavery, training Nepalese healthcare workers to offer trauma treatments that facilitate recovery.

AWB in Haiti

AWB has trained more than 120 Haitian healthcare practitioners. These volunteers have provided over 30,000 treatments for Haitians impacted by the 2010 earthquake that displaced 15% of the country’s population Photo credit: Carole Devillers

International Trainings

AWB sometimes offers Level I (Healing Community Trauma) and Level II (How to Be a Global Healer) trainings internationally, as part of World Healing Exchange Programs, or to train healthcare providers abroad who want to offer local trauma treatment.

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